Branding & Marketing Strategy Session

Branding and Marketing Strategy Session

Why branding is important, particularly so for Attorneys

In today’s world, people want to do business with people we know, like and trust. Gone are the days of hiring an attorney from the Yellow Pages. Potential clients are interested in your website, your social media profile, your philosophy. They want to know who you really are.

Clients are much more likely to hire an attorney that they feel a human connection with.

For this reason, it is super duper important for your potential clients to be able to connect with you from the start. They should be able to tell exactly who you are and how you can help them within a few seconds of landing on your website, reading your blog post, or reading your bio on your social media networks.

When your branding is clear you can begin marketing in a way that is easy, fun, and sure to bring you the exact clients you truly enjoy working with.

How Does a Branding & Marketing Strategy Session Work?

During our Online session, we will discuss your vision for your practice, your values, your niche practice area, and your unique personality traits through an interactive hands-on discussion. From this, we will dig deep to help you discover what I like to call your “ secret sauce,” that is, that special thing that only you have, sets you apart from every other attorney serving the same clients you serve.

Once we identify your “secret sauce,” I will help you choose 3 marketing strategies to help you start attracting clients that you really want to work with.

By the end of our time together,

  • You’ll walk away feeling confident about who you are, who you serve, and the value you possess.
  • We will create a brief profile/bio to be used on your social networks.
  • We will pick 3 marketing strategies that you can implement right away to get more clients.
  • We will have a 30-minute follow up call in 45 days

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One-time Investment: $97.00